Greetings Burning Man Regional Contacts and Community Leaders!

The Annual Global Leadership Conference is held in April - San Francisco. Each day is  action-packed with incredible workshops, presentations, and fun gatherings. Guests from around the world are in attendance, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in person!

Featured speakers and programming will address and explore activating and developing Burning Man culture and communities in your part of the world.We look forward to welcoming over 400 Burning Man Regional Contacts and community leaders across the globe!2015A Human , Nina L, Carol McHugh and J Taylor attended.

A set of niotes will be posted to the website soon 2014A Human and Jody York will be the BMA delegate at the 2014 Conference. Upon return both are welcome to field any questions fellow burners may have.It will also be shared through a digital footprint attached to this website